Are you looking for long range walkie talkies that will enable you to keep in clear contact with your party over considerably long distances? Check out the three best radios featured below. In their own way, each one of them can easily claim to be the ladder of its class. Any of the radios featured below will help you to enhance the safety of each member of your party during outdoor activities you plan to involve yourself in. All you need to check for are features that respond to your individual needs.

 Uniden SubmersibleRetevis H-777 Two-Way RadioMidland GXT1050VP4
Range:50 Miles36 Miles36 Miles
Channels:22 channels16 channels50 channels
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Uniden Submersible 50 Mile FRS/GMRS Two-Way Radios


For anyone looking for submersible two-way radios which are ideal for boating, hiking and hunting, the Uniden Submersible 50 Mile FRS/GMRS Two-Way Radios should be a serious consideration. What you will especially like about this radio is that it is rugged, waterproof and lightweight. The waterproof feature allows this palm size radio to be fully submersible. If you happen to drop it in the water, it will float on the surface, so your chance of seeing it is quite good. Add to this the fact that you will be able to keep in touch at a range of up to 50 miles, and you know you and your party will know exactly what is happening at any given time.

Product features

  • Up to 50 miles of clarity
  • Designed to be rugged and safe for use in the outdoors
  • Floats on the surface if accidentally dropped into the water
  • Enhanced safety with an emergency strobe light
  • Convenient for use in the night, thanks to the backlight and glow keys
  • Hands-free operation on all VOX handsets.

With the Uniden Submersible 50 Mile FRS/GMRS Two-Way Radios, you will have the added convenience of alerts to the weather conditions from the NOAA. This radio complies with the JIS7 water submission requirements. This makes it possible for it to be submerged up to three feet of water for up to 30 minutes without the risk of it being damaged or the functionality being affected.  The one thing that most of the users love about this pair of radios is that it covers a longer distancethan many radios trying to do the same thing can ever hope to accomplish. If you add this to the fact that the radio is well made, you will know that getting yourself one is something you will thank yourself for, over and over again.

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Retevis H-777 Two-Way Radio Long Range UHF


The Retevis H-777 Two-Way Radio Long Range UHF is the two-way system for anyone looking for a product that is easy to use. If what you are after is clear sound over a good distance, this is the radio you should lay your hands on. Do not be fooled by the fact that you are getting ten radios for the size of one. This does not at all mean that the service you will get from this radio is any cheap. You actually get more than what you have paid for. You have no need anymore to rent radios on a monthly basis atexorbitant prices. Now you can have your own which you can easily replace when the need arises.

Product features

  • Conveniently programmed at the same frequency by the time they leave the factory
  • Channel can easily be figured out
  • Easy to use in the dark
  • Hands-free communication
  • No calls irrelevant to you, thanks to the 50CTCSS/105 CDCSS.

After charging the radio within two to three hours you will be able to use it for about nine hours on the same charge. Due to the fact that this radio is easy to use, you will not have to worry when the radio is being used by the young members of your family. Added to the fact that the radio is easy to use, is the fact that it is light. At 180g, it is small enough to carry. When you hold it, it feels smooth and good to hold. A timeout timer makes sure that no single user dominates the frequency for too long. The scanning feature allows you to scan both channels and privacy codes to locate any conversations in progress. When the radio detects another conversation on the same channel, it will stop transmission. When any user feels unsafe, they are be able to ask for help.

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Midland GXT1050VP4 36-Mile 50-Channel FRS/GMRS Two-Way Radio


If you consider yourself as the ultimate outdoors person and you do not yet have the Midway’s GXT1050VP4 two-way, then you must think again. These 22 channel radios are specially designed for General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) operation. The design is not only rugged, it is waterproof too. With these radios, you will get up to 36 miles of clarity.

Product features

  • 36-mile channel range
  • All hazard weather channels
  • 142 privacy codes
  • Vibrates to alert you when a conversation is coming through
  • Hands-free operation with 9 levels of VOX

The Midland GXT1050VP4 36-Mile 50-Channel FRS/GMRS Two-Way Radio are a true reflection of the tradition of quality that has become synonymous with products made by the Midland Radio Corporation. This cooperation is the industry leader in wireless communication. The radios boast of so many features trying to name then in just one product review does not do justice to then.

With this product, you have the convenience to easily contact one member of your party without having to disturb those that you do not need to be talking to. With 10 different tones, you will be able to tell exactly who among the members of your group is talking. Added to these is the five animal call alerts. These include turkey, duck, crow, cougar and wolf. The dual watch allows you to monitor two channels at the same time. With these radios, you will never have to worry about annoying background noise, thanks to the auto squelch feature. When not in use, you will be able to convenientlylock the keypad.

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