If you are in the market for Hoyt bows for sale, look no further than the Hoyt Gamemaster Recurve Bow II and the Hoyt Dorado 60″ 45# RH Black/Camo featured below. Both these bows can easily be described using terms such as smooth, hard hitting and durable. Whether you want to use these bows outdoors or indoors, you will get an experience that is unparalleled in the industry.


Hoyt Gamemaster Recurve Bow II


The Hoyt Gamemaster Recurve Bow II shows that consistency, low maintenance, and high performance can be used to describe one product without the fear of you contradicting yourself. As you open your brand new package, you will be delighted by the fact that you will find a licensed Hoyt carry bag, for use when transporting or storing. This is the rollout type case which has a top handle and two buckles together with adjustable straps so you can fasten the contents. Within the roll up bag, you will also find 2 pockets that stretch for you to store the bows limbs. Then there is a wider one for the storage of the bow grips and TEC riser.

Product Features

  • Length of the riser is 21”
  • Height riser is 62”
  • Mass weight of 2.9 LB

With this bow, you will never regret the money you spent buying it. The bow is not only durable, it is also terse and slim too. After shooting a few arrows, you will start to realize the real power within the TEC riser. You will feel almost no vibrations in both the arm and the hand after you have released the arrow. When it comes to long shooting sessions, this is certainly a bonus you will want to have.

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Hoyt Dorado 60″ 45# RH Black/Camo


The Hoyt Dorado 60″ 45# RH Black/Camo is the bow for anyone who thinks that they have seen it all in as far as the best bows are concerned. It is the product for someone who feels that they are ready for the next challenge. This is exactly what this bow will give you without compromising the modern feel. According to the manufacturers of this bow, this is where tradition and ultramodern congregate. It has been manufactured with the craftsmanship that has come to be known as a preserve of Hoyt products. The bow has been designed with the main aim of making it lightweight, smooth and fast.

Product features

  • Shoots smoothly
  • Little vibration
  • Carrying case
  • Easy to dismantle

The Hoyt Dorado 60″ 45# RH Black/Camo gets great reviews, from both indoor and outdoor tournament shooters. These who have used the bow, rave on about its natural look and the great experience it gives when shooting. This product owes it greatness to such Hoyt features as the custom-level dexterity and the well-known Hoyt recurve geometrics which include the fact that it is hard hitting, it is lightweight, smooth and fast. Any money spent on this product is money well spent.

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