Alright, so before we head on to our list, let’s go ahead and give the criteria we set in making our top 3 best binoculars for hunting list. First of all, the binoculars we’re reviewing today are worth $200 and below, which means anything above that price is not included in our list.

What to Look for in Binoculars

Okay, so what do we really want to come with our binoculars? One thing to know is that hunting binoculars are very different from that of stargazing and birding binoculars. The features that you should look for for hunting purposes are

  • prism design
  • field of view
  • exit pupil
  • lens coatings
  • total weight
  • and magnification among others

The difference between binoculars and most products in the market today is that price really does state the quality. Any hunting binocular below $100 are considered by hunters to be trashy and not worth the money. That is why we’re looking at a little above that price range for budget hunting binoculars. The best price range for good hunting binoculars is around $600 dollars and the top-of-the-line costs around $2000 or more. If you’re looking to spend a little more then that’s completely up to you.

Always set a budget when you buy binoculars for you to better narrow down your choices. Once you set a budget, select features that best suit your terrain for the hunt. These features may be waterproofing, fog proofing, or even just being lighter than the rest. Setting your own criteria when choosing creates a better number than just choosing in random.

While there are some binoculars that work for specific conditions, we’re taking a look at the ones that fit in a number of different weather environments. These are the type of hunting binoculars that you can take on different expeditions at varying climates. Finding binoculars that fit these criteria requires intensive research but don’t worry about that, we got you covered.

Since most of you reading this article right now are not yet sure about how to choose binoculars, we’ve created an “entry level” top 3 list to help you in making a good purchase for your first hunting binoculars. If you’re interested, read on and see our recommendations.


Bushnell Legend Ultra HD Roof Prism Binocular

Bushnell Legend Ultra HD

The Legend is an excellent choice below $200 as it already features a rain guard water-repellent lens coating for humid conditions. It’s made of a lightweight, magnesium chassis so it won’t be too much of a burden to haul around. It includes a microfiber carry bag with neck strap when you buy it so you wouldn’t have to spend extra dollars for that. The magnification is at 10x with a 42mm objective lens so you’re sure to be able to get a good look from afar.

The optics are made of high-quality ED Prime glass, and ultra wide band coatings. The ultra wide band coating gives an anti-reflection coating that allows for the best possible light to come in when viewing using the binoculars while the ED Prime glass ensures the crispness and the contrast of the image projected. The exit pupil or eye-relief is also long so you’ll be able to experience the wide field of view with no problem. If those features aren’t enough to lure you in, it also features Bushnell’s “No questions asked” lifetime warranty promise, which proves their deep trust on the products they provide.

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BARSKA Deep Sea 7×50 Waterproof Floating Binocular

BARSKA Deep Sea 7x50

The BARSKA has an extensive field of view at 1000 yards per meter at 1000 meter distances. This feature makes it one of the best binoculars for hunting in 2016. The exit pupil is at 7.2mm while the eye relief is at 0.91”. It allows for a close focus at 22.3 ft or 6.8m. Though it can’t be mounted on a tripod, it has a dry nitrogen-purged O-ring which allows for complete waterproofing and fog proofing for all weather conditions. The BAK-4 prisms on the multi-coated optics delivers luminous and high contrast images with increased clarity. A cool feature of the lens is that it floats on water so there’s no fear of dropping it into the ocean.

You’ll also have no problem with finding a bearing as the binocular has a built-in rangefinder and directional compass. The body is made of a rugged rubber armor covering which doubles as a non-slip secure grip designed for nautical use. A carrying case, neck strap, lens cover, and lens cloth are also included in each purchase. It provides a 7x magnification with a 50mm objective lens. At 38.8 ounces, it’s very lightweight and easy to carry.

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Leupold McKenzie Green Ring Binoculars

Leupold McKenzie Green Ring

Products from Leupold has always stuck true to their name. It provides a magnification of 10x with a objective clear aperture of 42mm. It has a linear field of view of 101m per 1000m or 305ft per 1000m. At 22oz, it’s the lightest one at our list. It also features a 4.20mm exit pupil and a close focus distance of 10ft. The materials are selectively chosen and are 100% waterproof and fog proof, making it usable in different weather situations. The body is armor coated for extra durability and has an ergonomic design that allows for easier handling. The lenses are multi-coated to provide an enhanced crisp image even at 10x magnification.

The unit can be mounted on a tripod for a better and more stable view and the long eye relief ensures you see clearly each time you peek inside the binoculars. The focus dial is very smooth and easy to use even with gloves so you’re sure to be able to adjust it easily even during cold climates.

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Taking a look at $200 and under binoculars are good if you’re just starting out your gear. They provide you with the most basic necessities that each hunting binocular should have and allow you to peer ahead when hunting. If you’re on the lookout for items in this price range, our recommendations won’t let you down.

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