Whether you’re a hunter, outdoor enthusiast or just looking for sport, there’s a lot you can do with a throwing knife. With the growing rise of popularity in throwing knives, there are no shortage of options that can make your head spin. In this article, we are going to thoroughly analyze and review the top 10 best throwing knives in 2019 so that you can find the best one that fits YOUR situation. There are so many elements to keep in consideration, such as price, ergonomics (feel), length, weight and that’s just a few to start. So, my goal is to help break it down for you!

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Rank on ListImageNamePriceCheck Price and Reviews
#5Perfect Point PAK-712-12 Throwing Knife Set$
#4GI Tanto Knife by Cold Steel$
#3United Cutlery UC2772 Expendables Kunai Thrower Set$
#2Magnum Bailey Mini Bo-Kri Knife Ziel Set$$
**Editor's Choice** #1United Cutlery GH5029 Gil Hibben GenX Pro Thrower$$


Perfect Point RC-179 Series Throwing Knife Set


  • Set includes 3 pieces
  • Knives are designed with stainless steel handles
  • Designed to be well balanced and easy to throw at 8 inches
  • Equipped with a cut-out to tie ribbons through the end of the knife
  • Includes black nylon sheath

Beginner friendly. That is the best way to describe the Perfect Point RC-179 throwing knife set. Perfect Point, subsidiary of Master Cutlery, is known for making quality throwing knives and stars. I will say this set is decent.

Look, if you are searching for knives in order to learn to throw, or to pound the crap out of in order to get your money’s worth out of, you’ve found the right set. When starting out, you typically won’t be ready for a $100 pair of throwing knives. Instead, these are very inexpensive. At this price point, they’re not for professionals, but more for refining your technique and beginner. I also like that they come in a set, as opposed to only getting one. Heck, you might even want 2 sets of these to have more “ammo” with 6, than 3 for more target practice.

The set is offered in two options, black or steel handles – both of which have a nice and sleek design to them. They are well balanced, durable, high-quality throwing knives that certainly have some character to them. Even though they have good weight distribution, you might find that the handle still feels heavy and stocky for a throwing knife.

Out of the box the RC-179 knives come sharpened and sturdy. However, they are not the sharpest knives I have ever felt, and for beginners, that is more preferable anyway. When starting out, you do not want a razor sharp blade because it could pose a danger to your fingers and hand, however, they are still sharp enough to pierce through a target, and stick in most things.

The knives are 8 inches in length, which is a good size for a throwing knife. It is worth mentioning that while these are resilient knives, and can take some abuse by hitting hard surfaces and bouncing around, they’re not perfect. A problem with stainless steel throwing knives, but under duress and enough abuse, these blades can start to chip, or you could even see the tip break off. Stainless steel is prone to bending and even breaking.

The set includes a decent nylon sheath, and are designed with a spider decal on each knife – which some have reported wears off after usage. Ultimately, you have to keep in mind that you get what you pay for. This set is not going to include the best professional-grade throwing knives on the market, but they are still an excellent inexpensive option. If you’re looking to train or for hobby, you’ll certainly have some fun with these awesome looking knives.

For the price, the quality is great. So most importantly, for a beginner, or someone on a budget looking for a new set, you really won’t be disappointed in these.


  • Very inexpensive
  • Set of 3
  • Good length
  • Easy to train with and learn to use


  • You get what you pay for in terms of quality
  • Average nylon sheath
  • Blades can chip, and tip can break off under prolonged abuse.
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Szco Supplies Ninja Sword with Throwing Knives


  • Includes both a ninja sword and throwing knives
  • The ninja sword is 28 inches in length
  • Bundled with a set of two 6 inch throwing knives
  • The sword and throwing knives are constructed with a rainbow finish and stainless steel
  • Constructed with black cord wrapped handles
  • Includes a decent nylon sheath

This is an interesting set by Szco considering that it includes a ninja sword, along with the throwing knives. Since this list is for throwing knives, I will focus more on them.

This can make for a very cool gift or novelty item. These included throwing knives are small, about 5 inches in length. I certainly would not recommend this set for actual combat, hunting, but if you are looking for target practice or a novelty, then that is what role it would serve you excellently. The set is packaged together well with the knives and sword each having their own slots in the included case.

As more of a novelty knife, you should not expect this to have the highest grade of materials. The throwing knives are not balanced extremely well, but still have a good heft to them. The knives come constructed with black cord wrapped handles, which is not going to be ideal if you’re planning to use these professionally or for hours of use.

The sword can easily cut through something like fruit, and the throwing knives come with sharp tips, but dull sides. Whether you are a beginner looking for a sword and throwing knives, it is a “ninja set”, but again I would recommend this more as a collectors or novelty set for a gift, than for a serious user.


  • Great value for the money
  • The sword and throwing knives are constructed well


  • Decent nylon sheath
  • Not designed for actual combat or abuse
  • Black cord wrapped handles, material that I have never really liked
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SOG Throwing Knives F041TN


  • Out of the box the set includes: (3) throwing knives
  • Constructed with 420 stainless steel
  • Equipped with Paracord wrapped handle for firm grip
  • Paired with nylon sheath

SOG makes excellent specialty knives and tools that are typically performance driven. This F041TN set by SOG is no different, and combines style with quality.

The F041TN comes in a set of 3 knives, paired with a nylon sheath that fits all three knives in individual slots. These knives are designed for throwing with excellent balance and aerodynamics. Even at 10 inches in total length, they maintain a critical element of lightweight, yet are still heavy duty to endure abuse.

SOG has constructed these knives with 420 stainless steel, providing them with a hard black coating and tough finish that helps make them both scratch, and dent resistant. This is ideal for a throwing knife because of the way that it is used – constantly being thrown around, it needs to be tough to avoid chipping, or even worse, breaking.

As you can see from these reviews, I am not personally a fan of paracord wrapped handles, however, with this set SOG has designed them so that they help make the knives very grippy. They are better than most that I have seen, but as with other throwing knives, the paracord can tend to unwrap as you throw them, so you may just want to remove the cord entirely and throw them bare. If anything, that might even help to make the knives more balanced. Regardless, they are still comfortable to hold, with paracord or not.

Also, given their length, these knives are versatile in that they are not limited to just throwing, but can be used as fixed blade knives as well. I would say that this is an easy set to learn the art of knife throwing with, and excellent for both beginners and more intermediate throwers. Overall, a very affordable and practical set by SOG!


  • Very stylish design
  • Inexpensive for the set
  • Strong 420 stainless steel gives them strength


  • Paracord wrapped handles can unravel
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Cold Steel True Flight Thrower


  • Out of the box is: (1) high quality throwing knife (1) Cor-Ex sheath
  • Constructed with 1055 carbon steel for strength
  • Designed with a Paracord handle wrap for strong traction and grip
  • 12-inch overall length making it a long throwing knife
  • 5 mm thickness giving it extra strength

The Cold Steel True Flight Thrower is one beefy, well-constructed throwing knife! There are hundreds of throwing knives available on the market, but the True Flight Thrower makes our list because of its craftsmanship and quality.

The knife is 12 inches in length and 5 mm in thickness, which gives it serious heft. It is constructed with 1055 carbon steel and has paracord handle wrap which offers strong traction while holding the knife.

What makes this such a high quality knife, particularly for the price, is its steel construction. Many cheaper steels will cause throwing knives to either warp or bend, or even allow the tip of the knife to break off. Unlike those cheaper options, the True Flight Thrower has a sturdy tip and protective coating that helps to avoid those issues. In Cold Steel’s words, they say that it gives it a “bounce-back” blade as a result, allowing it to take abuse in different elements and hitting different surfaces. Yes, since it is not stainless steel, this knife needs to be oiled to be taken care of to prevent rust, however, the positive is that it can hold up to abuse without breaking in half.

The blade is very sharp, and easy to sharpen. For that reason, you need to be very careful when throwing this knife. With such sharpness and sturdy tip, this knife sticks deep inside of the target that you will be throwing it at. And, in a pinch, it can even serve you in survivalist or tactical situations, albeit not being designed for that. It simply makes it a versatile knife.

Ergonomically, it feels natural in the hand, which helps to boost accuracy when using a throwing knife. So, what kind of throwing can it be used for? It is ideal for no spin or full spin, particularly because of the way the tip and balance of the knife are crafted. You can throw it either by the blade or the grip which makes it perfect for practicing different types of throws and styles.

Ultimately, it is not a bad starting blade, but since this is not a set, you might want to get at least 2, 3 or even 4 of these so that you can get consistent throws in without having to constantly walk to collect the knife each time. Overall, an excellent option for the money.


  • Strong steel to help prevent the blade from chipping or the tip breaking
  • Excellent value for the money


  • If you hit the paracord wrap at an angle with another knife, it can unwrap
  • Super sharp, so you need to be careful when throwing, particularly for a beginner
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SOG FX41N-CP Fling Throwing Knife


  • Includes a set of (3) throwing knives
  • Constructed with full tang
  • Designed with a traditional look
  • Made from 3Cr13MoV steel
  • Black ballistic nylon sheath to hold the set together

The SOG FX41N-CP Fling Throwing Knife Set includes 3 throwing knives, and is typical SOG quality. Just by looking at them you’ll have a decision to make of whether to use them, or leave them on display because of their extreme stylish design.

The Fling throwing knives have 2.8-inch fixed blades, spear point, and are constructed full tang with 3Cr13MoV steel with satin polish finish to give them a tough edge. While the 3Cr13MoV steel is not the same steel as the other knives on this list, it is still a quality steel, and shows more in the workmanship of SOG of how they craft the knives.

The Fling throwing knives are very well balanced at only 5.4 ounces, and have enough weight and force to help drive the through any target to stick deep. These rugged and durable knives feel great to hold, and that’s largely because of the handle material. They have 7 feet of tight paracord wrapped around them for grip and comfort. Unlike other throwing knives, the paracord is wrapped tight so that it can help prevent it from unraveling after several throws.

This set includes a standard black ballistic nylon sheath with velcro closure and belt loop. It’s a decent sheath, but you are buying this set for the throwing knives, not the sheath. Unless you are a ninja, I would recommend this as a perfect set for a beginner as it is easy to learn with, and you might eventually opt to get a second set.


  • Excellent craftsmanship
  • 3 high-quality throwing knives is good bang for your money
  • Tightly wrapped paracord handle


  • Basic nylon sheath
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Perfect Point PAK-712-12 Throwing Knife Set


  • Includes 12 throwing knives
  • 6 silver and 6 black stainless steel throwers
  • Packaged with a black nylon sheath
  • Measures 8.5 inches overall

This set by Perfect Point is tremendous value for the money with an inclusive bundle of 12 throwing knives. What makes it a good set for the price?

First, it is incredible value coming with 12 high-quality throwing knives. 6 of which are silver and the other 6 are black stainless steel throwing knives. They have about 2mm of thickness, giving them a good weight and nice center of gravity – the problem with some throwing knives is they are either too heavy, and others are too lightweight they go flying. While these are on the lighter end, they have a good weight to them, and if you put force in to throwing, they can certainly take off. The knives come sharp, and widespread appeal for these knives is because they stick deep into targets – and won’t bounce off either.

The steel is soft, which is one major drawback. Because of this, it is easy to break the tips, hence why so many are included, so you have to still be somewhat careful when throwing them. Looking at the big picture, these are so inexpensive that if you break a few, it really doesn’t even cost you much.   

Surprisingly with this set, there is not paracord on the handles. While I personally prefer that, if you like that for gripping the knives, it is an easy fix to order cord online and wrap them yourself. Even without it, you should find it to still be comfortable.

If you’re looking for a gift, or a set for a beginner, this is a top option because of how many throwing knives are included. For those less experienced throwers, these knives are sharp and throw well, and ultimately will give you plenty of opportunity to refine your technique without worrying about losing/breaking your only knife.


  • Excellent learning set
  • A steal for the price
  • Comes with 12 knives


  • On the lighter side of the weight spectrum if you want a heavy knife
  • There is no paracord on the handles, which can be a drawback for some
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GI Tanto Knife by Cold Steel


  • Constructed with 1055 carbon steel blade
  • Designed with quillion guard
  • A 7-inch point blade, and 12 inches in total length
  • Includes a Secure-Ex sheath

The GI Tanto Knife is not solely a throwing knife, but rather an extremely versatile utility knife that can do it all. Whether you’re camping, hunting or in fact looking for a throwing knife, the GI Tanto is not a bad option.

For the price, I’m impressed with the amount of craftsmanship and high-quality materials that have gone into the knife. However, this is typical of the Cold Steel brand, and to be transparent, a brand that always impresses me.

The GI Tanto is a 12 inch knife, with a 7 inch Tanto point blade, and constructed with a 1055 carbon steel blade with hard spring temper. Its quillion guard and hand scales give this knife a sturdy, but comfortable and safe feel.

The blade has a black-rust resistant finish, certainly a nice touch. The hard steel is meant for toughness and can take a beating without breaking, however, it can still chip if you throw it and it bounces and hits something like concrete. Even with that being said, this is a heavy duty throwing knife – a tank if you will – and can even turn into a spear!

While it comes out of the box with a pretty sharp edge, it can be thrown by either the handle or the blade. If you throw it from the handle, you’ll notice its thick spine and full tang, which is what gives its sturdy feeling. Lastly, it also comes with a Secure-Ex sheath, which securely locks up the Tanto nice, and mounts comfortably.

Overall, this is a very solid throwing knife with an excellent handle, good weight and strong steel. For a very inexpensive throwing or camping knife, you’ll get a lot of use out of this knife for sure (and, a lot of fun).


  • Inexpensive for the quality of the knife
  • Multi-functional with numerous utility


  • If you hit it hard enough, the blade can chip
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United Cutlery UC2772 Expendables Kunai Thrower Set


  • Comes in a 3 piece set
  • Constructed with AUS-6 stainless steel
  • Designed with cord wrapped handles
  • Created 12-inches in overall length
  • Includes nylon sheath

United Cutlery has released a very interesting throwing knife set with the UC2772. These throwing knives are modeled after the movie The Expendables, pretty cool. The set includes 3 knives 12-inches in length, with strong AUS-6 stainless steel blades and cord wrapped handles.

Out of the package the trio come very sharp. Because they are so long in length, they are incredibly versatile and can also be used as a dagger, such as how they were featured in the movie. Since they are super sharp, you’ll need to be careful if you throw it from the blade as it can be very easy to nick yourself.

The sharp tip can penetrate deep into wood targets, and its thick, tough AUS-6 stainless steel makes it hard to bend or chip. With all things considered, this set is inexpensive for the quality and functionality of 3 easy-to-throw throwing knives. A throwable knife should be both balanced in weight and be easy to grip, both of which make the UC2772 Expendables Kunai a great set.

The one downside of these knives worth mentioning is the problem with the paracord falling off the handle. One of the reasons that I dislike paracord is it can feel gimmicky at times, as well as this problem of slipping off. Since the cord seems lightly glued to the handle, it makes sense as to why the cord is so loose, and falls off.

Lastly, this knife comes with a decent, standard nylon sheath. While nothing special, it holds the knife which is really all it needs to do. It has a belt loop and a leg drop, but nothing too exceptional.

Overall, I really like this set for the money, and would rate them highly because of their quality materials, and since they are easy (and fun) to throw around.


  • Sharp out of the box
  • Tough steel to hold up to abuse
  • 3 knives + sheath at inexpensive price


  • Paracord around the handles easily unwraps
  • Nylon sheath is nothing special
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Magnum Bailey Mini Bo-Kri Knife Ziel Set


  • Set includes 3 throwing knives
  • Equipped with 420J2 stainless steel
  • Includes leather sheath

You’ve probably heard this expression a million times, “you get what you pay for”. That statement could not ring more true for the Mangum Bailey Mini Bo-Kri Knife Ziel set.

This set includes three throwing knives all with 420J2 stainless steel. Included in this set is also a leather sheath to holster all three knives. These are truly a piece of work, and a hefty set at that. The knives are 14 oz, and 13.25 inches in length.

These knives are no joke – long and heavy. If you’re not looking for large knives, then it would be a shock out of the box. However, even though they are on the bigger side of the spectrum, they are crafted excellently so that they still feel natural in your hand, and as you throw them. With good weight distribution from its length to weight ratio, they still balance comfortably in your hand.

I would recommend this set for more experienced and advanced throwers. Once you have practiced your technique with more inexpensive sets and are ready to fine tune your craft with more expensive blades, this is the best set. If you are looking for something at the top, this set is tremendous value considering that is just as good, if not better, than many custom knives without the exorbitant price tag to go along with it. For a little bit extra, these are some of the best throwing knives available.

The one drawback worth mentioning is that you do need to be careful with the tips, or they can break. The blades are not super sharp out of the box which is actually preferably for throwing so that you won’t cut yourself, or risk the tip breaking immediately. An experienced user will understand how to handle these knives. That is not to say that the tips cannot take abuse and wear and tear, but they might need regrinding and touch-ups.

This set also comes with a beautiful leather sheath that secures the knives firmly, arguably one of the best included sheaths on this list. Should you need a top grade pair for any type of throwing competition, or if you are simply looking for a top grade set, this is a great option for the money.


  • Tremendous craftsmanship and quality
  • Beautiful leather sheath
  • Excellent balance of the knife
  • Great ergonomics


  • Thrown at the wrong angle, the tips can break
Check Price and Reviews on Amazon


United Cutlery GH5029 Gil Hibben GenX Pro Thrower


  • 3 Piece Set with 3 knives
  • Constructed with AUS-6 stainless steel
  • Total knife length of 11 inches
  • Includes a black nylon sheath

When it comes to the best throwing knives, you don’t have to look very far after finding Gil Hibben. Gil Hibben is an expert knife maker, and highly respected in the industry for his superior craftsmanship and functional knives. For good reason, people that use Gil Hibben knives swear by them.

The Gil Hibben GenX Pro Thrower is no exception. It is one beefy knife – and easily one of the most balanced throwing knives on this list. It can look deceptive in pictures, but you’ll quickly see why it is “beefy”, and that it has serious heft to the knife. This is not a 5 inch small knife, but a lengthy 11 inch knife.

In terms of quality, these knives can also take a beating with strong AUS-6 stainless steel. They are a set of solid knives that won’t bend easily, unlike some (which is fair – depending on the price and quality of what you are getting). With tough heat treatment on this steel, they can get knocked around quite a bit.

They have good weight to them which helps them glide through the air with superb aerodynamics. Ergonomically, they rest comfortably and flow with a smooth release. Control is important with a throwing knife, and that is an advantage of such a well-designed set. When throwing at a target, they strike incredibly hard and penetrate deep.

This set comes with a black nylon sheath which is standard quality, and can rests comfortably on your belt if you want to take it outdoors. As expected of a Gil Hibben knife, the GenX Pro Thrower is the real deal, and while it will require practice to perfect, it is an excellent set for both beginners and experienced throwers. 


  • One of the best throwing knives available
  • Excellent value for the money
  • Hard steel that can take some abuse


  • Large, hefty knives which could be too big for some
  • Standard nylon sheath
Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

Best Throwing Knives Buyer’s Guide

Throwing knives are multi-functional, in addition to just looking awesome! A throwing knife can be used for sport, out hunting, recreation, self-defense and even bushcraft. These tips are combination of testing, expert opinion and reviews.

Blade Sharpness

When you’re looking for the best throwing knives, first and foremost, you’re going to want to keep your own safety in mind. Because you are going to be throwing a knife, you don’t want something that is going to put yourself in danger.

You will want a throwing knife that has a dull blade, as opposed to a razor sharp blade, for your own safety. Why don’t you want a razor sharp blade? Well, a sharp throwing knife can puncture your hand, and fingers while tossing from the blade, and also decreases its throwing ability.

While you do not need a knife with a razor sharp blade, you DO want a throwing knife with a sturdy tip that can penetrate through any target that you throw at. It is much more important to have a sharp than a sharp edge.

Knife Weight

Yes, different people prefer different weights. The weight of the knife is an important decision that you need to make, and it will largely depend on your throwing style. Some prefer heavy knives, others like the nimbleness of sleek and lean knives. Either way, the fact still remains that weight is a critical component of a throwing knife.

I have found that you want a knife that some weight to it that will allow momentum to help carry it towards your target. There is no sense in trying to fight science. The heavier the knife is, the easier it will stick in to a target, regardless of distance. Lighter knives on the other hand will float through the air, are harder to control, and typically bounce off of a target if you do not have a good grasp on technique.

I recommend choosing a heftier throwing knife.

Knife Length

Length is another incredibly important component for a throwing knife.

You typically will see throwing knives in the range of 5 to 13 inches in length, and the best throwing knives for beginners will be on the longer side of that range.

Longer Length: easier for beginners, easier to learn technique, more room to make mistakes, easier to throw.

Shorter Length: knives will spin fast, need to be more precise and confident in throws, more for experienced users and can be thrown quicker and further.

Again, length comes down to personal preference, however if you are just starting out, I would recommend leaning towards the longer side as it is easier for your fingers and hand to get adjusted to throwing the knife, and then exploring shorter knives.

Steel Quality

Your throwing knife will only be as good as the material that makes it up. Choosing a crappy steel and metal will be like building your home on sand.

For this reason, stainless steel is one of the most preferable steel types for throwing knives because of their durability and toughness. When your knife hits another knife, concrete, the floor, or any other hard object, you don’t want to have to stress that each time could be the last throw that knife ever sees!

You’ll see that cheaper knives will normally include more in a set, but have cheaper steel, or not be full tang (one full piece). As a result, you’ll need to keep buying more and more because they will have a shorter life span. The problem with crappy (soft) steel and metal is that it can result in dents, chips and even broken knives.

More expensive knives, on the other hand, will generally have higher quality steel, which won’t break after a few throws. Stainless steel is also ideal in that it is not only durable, but rust and corrosion resistant.

Throwing Knife Handle

The handles are an incredibly important part of your throwing knife. Unless you strictly throw it by the blade, the handle is going to determine your success, or frustration when throwing. Unless you are buying a knife for it to sit on your wall, try to refrain from just buying because it might be aesthetically pleasing and beautiful.

The handle also will largely come down to user preference. The handle will help determine how the knife spins, how fast it will spin when thrown, and how the knife will release from your hand. Most throwing knives on the market today have some type of cord, or rubber grip.

The handle is the most delicate part of the knife. You don’t want a weak handle that could break or damage if it hits a hard object when thrown. I personally prefer straight handles for easy grip and release. I also find that anything too eccentric will just cause friction as you throw the knife, and add weight to the knife to distort its balance and equilibrium.

Some love paracord handles, and others feel that it makes it harder to throw for accuracy and throws of the balance of the knife. You will have to feel different handle types to know which best suits you.

  • Paracord: while it generally has a nice aesthetic and design to it, if it’s not wrapped tightly it will unravel very quickly. There are really two polar schools of thought on paracord, and will have to come down to after you try it. You can always remove a cord grip.
  • Wood: A more natural look and feel than paracord handles. One of the most popular and widely used materials for throwing knives. Higher likelihood of breaking since it is connected to the metal as opposed to being one piece.
  • Rubber: Better grip, but cheap.
  • Hollow Handles: They tend to be brittle and break easily.

Balance & Weight of the Throwing Knife

More important than for most types of knives, since these are designed for throwing, a quality throwing knife needs to be well-centered and balanced, so that it can throw from either the handle or the blade. It should not be overly blade, or handle heavy so that it is not naturally tipping one way or the other.

A blade heavy knife, which is unbalanced, will only be throwable from the blade. So, you will want to find a throwing knife where the center of gravity is centered. As a result, centered knives will spin in round, circular motions.

The goal of a throwing knife is to pierce a target head-on. The balance and weight distribution of the knife is critical to result in a smooth, end-over-end motion.


The construction of a throwing knife is very important. I recommend looking for throwing knives that are full tang – this point goes hand-in-hand with the steel type of the knife. Full tang is when the knife is one full piece of steel that goes along the entire knife. When a knife is full tang, the blade and handle are all one continuous piece of material, as opposed to partial tang or rat tail.

Full tang will help to give the knife additional strength and toughness.


While not directly pertaining to a throwing knife, another important consideration is the type of sheath used to holster the knife. A quality sheath will protect the integrity of the knife. A good comparison is that you want a nice garage for your Ferrari, so you don’t leave it parked out on the street. Just like that garage, a quality sheath protects your throwing knife, and is a good idea to get a quality leather or kydex sheath.


I will include this in the guide because while all of these are important characteristics that make-up a quality throwing knife, you still need to master the art of throwing. Technique is a major component to this art, so it is important to invest your time in researching and practicing. For example, we all have our own comfortable way of holding a pencil. You’ll need to practice to figure out which throwing style best fits your hand.

Caring For Your Throwing Knife

Lastly, if you want your throwing knives to last for a long time, then you will need to clean them after usage.

  • You can do this by wiping them down with a soft dampened cloth. This will help keep your knife looking “sharp” for the long term.
  • Holster it in a sheath. Not only because it will help with portability, but by using a sheath, it will also protect your throwing knives from dirt and dust.

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